Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 17


Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 17

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Lesson 17 – Series Finale Gate 150, Chapter 10, The Dream State & Higher Levels of Consciousness. Why the dream state is a nebulous one, and what level of soul is it that experiences dreams. The difference between the Unclear Mirror (Espekluria Sh'ayna Me'ira) and the Clear Mirror (Espekluria Me'ira), and the different levels of prophecy. Difference between soul travel in dreams and vision, and astral travel in the astral body. The Higher domains of consciousness, correspond to the lower levels, everything follows the same, ten-fold, four-fold, and two-fold pattern. The difference between souls called “servants of God,” and those called “sons of God.” How all existence, throughout the Multiverse, is part of the great Name YHWH. The general relationship of Force and Form, body and soul, in all levels of existence. How even in the highest dimensional plane (Atzilut), there exists its own unique forms of precious metals and gem stones, vegetation, animal life, and of course, human. All these are exist within bothe form (body) and force (soul), yet, within the context of the natural laws that dominate that dimensional plane. Higher realms of physicality are not the same as our own, even though each lower realm is a reflection of its higher counterparts.

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