Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 11


Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 11

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The 4 Hayot in Every World (Chapter 8), Part 1 The four faces of the Merkava, the lion, the bull, the eagle, and the man, are an archetypal patterns that form part of the mechanical operations of the universe. Originally, the merkava angels were thought of as actual entities, in later Kabbalah they were no longer views as individuals, but rather as concepts. The four faces serve in the universe, as they do in the merkava chariot. They are the carriers of the One on the throne. In the universe, the Hayot serve as the conduits through which life-force energy passes through the foundational forces that underlie the physical forms. The difference between souls and daemons, and why daemons are not demons. Human souls of various levels, levels direct the stream of consciousness, but does not playing a controlling factor on righteous behavior, examples are given. Initial discussion about the personage of our author Hayim Vital being an eclectic Kabbalist, and how he was an innovator, not a redactor. Comparison between Hayim Vital and Moshe Cordevero.

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