Duties of the Heart (Hovot HaLevavot), Lesson 1


Duties of the Heart (Hovot HaLevavot), Lesson 1

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Duties of the Heart (Hovot HaLevavot) The Three Sciences that Reveal the Will of God. Lesson 1 – Introduction. This class introduces us to a classic of Torah literature. Yet, however Jewish this text is, we confirm how the author, Rabbeynu Bahya Ibn Pquda, was inspired by, and borrowed often from a then popular Islamic Sufi text. This respect for, and borrowing from sources outside the normal chain of Torah tradition serves us as a role model and example to always respect truth, wherever that truth is to be found. The importance of the study of the natural sciences, math and music are to understanding the world around us, and by consequence enabling us to better understand God, through that which He has made. Recognizing God in nature, and in all things. Maturing our understanding about God from being a personification, and into a recognition of universal Being and Mind. The purpose of meditation, as opposed to its forms.

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