Daniel & the End of Days


Daniel & the End of Days

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This e-book reviews the Biblical Book of Daniel from a Jewish point of view. It discusses the teachings about the Four Kingdoms, the Beasts and their eventual conflicts in the End of Days. This work stays true to the Biblical text without the addition of later commentaries. in this way, we can discover the plain truth of the teachings without all the doctrinal additions that came later. This work outlines very relevant information for our times! It also discusses much about the nature of prophecy and revelation.  Introduction - Origins of Apocalyptic Literature. Chapter 1 - Prophecy, Dreams & Interpreting Dreams Symbols in Judaism & Christianity  Chapter 2 - Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Course of Human History (Comment on Secular Biblical Scholarship & Criticism)  Chapter 3 - Daniel's Dream of the Four Beasts  (The Revealed & Concealed In Revelations, Daniel, Chapter 7- The Four Beasts, The Horn, The Saints & The Son of Man)  Chapter 4 - Daniel's Vision of the War Between the Two-Horned Ram & The Unicorn Goat  (The Quantum Nature of Prophecy, Daniel 8, Rams & Goats, Persians & Greeks, Muslims & Christians?)  Chapter 5 - Daniel, Chapter 9, The Prophecy of Weeks  (Time References In Prophecy, The Secret of the Lost Years, the Secret of the Zadokite Anointed Prince, Pharisees or Essenes & Correcting A Small, But Significant Grammatical Error)  Chapter 6 - Daniel, Chapters 10-12  (The Heavenly Sanhedrin & The Angelic Wars, Prophecy & Angelic Time Continuums, The Final Battles, The End & The Transformations)

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