An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 23 - Final in Series


An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 23 - Final in Series

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Matthew, Chapter 27c-28 The “Death” and “Resurrection” of Yeshu, Did Yeshu really speak about a “Trinity”?? An introduction into the Jungian psychological understanding of “myth.” How the stories we believe create our reality, and how said stories, do not need the alignment of details, or the validation of history in order to become psychological truths. The “death” and “resurrection” of Yeshu are the foundations of the Christian faith. For the Christian, there can be no argument of their being the “gospel truth.” However, for those not embracing the Christian myth, the stories, as presented in Matthew, leave much to question and to doubt. Judaism does not concern itself with purity of doctrine as does Christianity. Embracing Malachi 1:11, Judaism accepts a pluralism that Christianity does not. Whether or not Yeshu died and was resurrected has no bearing on anything. Even if it were true, such a phenomena would bear no proof or relationship to the authentic Biblical Jewish Messiah. The concept of the Trinity in Christianity, as understood and explained by Christians, is one of those differences with Judaism that is irreconcilable. Yet, as discussed herein, it is likely that the Christian understanding of the Trinity is a misunderstanding of the reference to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is discussed in depth, with reference to the Kabbalistic Jewish teachings about the Sefirot. This lesson concludes our study in the Book of Matthew.

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