An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 21


An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 21

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Matthew, Chapter 26b-27 The Gospel Account of the Arrest & Trial of Yeshu Clearly there is material is the present rendition that is focused on creating a story that places blame on all Jews for the death of Christ, when in fact, the historical record is glaringly different. Matthew's text states that scriptures are being fulfilled with the arrest scenario, but so unlike Matthew, who usually quotes the scriptures that he references, here no scriptures are quoted. This is highly suspicious that these words are not from Matthew at all but from a later redactor, with a clear anti-semitic agenda. A review of Isaiah 53 whether (and how) it refers to the nation of Israel, the messiah, or both. The trial is a sham, the High Priest in those days was not a judge, or a member of the Sanhedrin. There were no multitudes of the Jewish people present, only a small band of secular Roman collaborators, loyal to Rome. This small minority (if the scenario as described has any historicity to it), were the only ones who sought to condemn Yeshu, and not for any crime against Judaism, but rather because of his out-spoken opposition to Roman rule. Pontius Pilate is clearly portrayed in an unhistorical light to make him look good, when in fact he was known to be terribly corrupt and a ruthless hater of Jews and their religion.

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