An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 19


An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 19

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Matthew, Chapter 26a Yeshu's “Last Supper,” Betrayal & Arrest, What is Very Strange about this Story The accounts in chapter 26 contradict one another and clearly betray a non-Jewish later hand that must have edited the original Jewish texts. When was the Last Supper, the text indicates that it was a Passover Seder, but it is clear, from a Jewish perspective, from the text itself, that this is definitely not so. Was Judas really a betrayer of Yeshu, or his closest confidant, entrusted to enact his plan to create a supernatural messiah. Who was Shimon Kipah, and his relationship to the Seder Avodah of Yom Kippur. The prohibition under Torah Law for Jews to judge one another other than by Jewish Law. The secular authorities of the day, including the High Priest, had no standing or authority to adjudicate. Clearly stated, the Pharisees, were not involved in the alleged arrest and trial of Yeshu. As student of Torah, they would never have violated Torah Law to have attempted to judge Yeshu by anything other than Torah Law. Yeshu's expressed reticence against his future, but if he were acting out a grandiose Divine plan, there would be no such reticence. This indicates a conflict, and problem within the narrative. Peter is a bodyguard, armed with a sword. He is quick and capable in its usage. But he is supposed to be a fisherman. Why was he so armed, and well trained. This again hints to the martial nature of Yeshu and his followers.

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