An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 18


An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 18

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Matthew, Chapter 25 Yeshu's Parables about Messianic Readiness and Sacrifice Yeshu speaks a parable about ten young girls waiting for the groom to show up for his wedding. Looking at this story in historical Jewish context, it seems to echo a Talmudic teaching about Mashiah's sudden appearance. Yet, what does this mean, and why is this important? This lesson explains the original Jewish understanding of this, in light of Yeshu's growing movement for political insurrection. Yeshu next speaks about three workers who are given funds to invest. Again, this parable only makes sense in light of its historical Jewish context, as is explained. Finally, Yeshu speaks about the judgment of the nations in the end of days. He makes a very clear point that the nations of the world are judged, not on their faith, not on their doctrines of beliefs, but specifically on how they treated Yeshu's brethren, the Jews. Essentially, Yeshu teaches that entrance to the heavenly kingdom is based upon righteous behavior towards Israel. This lesson explains how Israel includes all twelves tribes, and therefore, persecution of any, be it a known or a lost Israelite, is subject to judgment. Reference is made to Native Americans and African Americans as people who suffered very possibly because they are lost Israelites.

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