An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 10


An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible, Lesson 10

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Yeshu is consistent as a political agitator, and as a traditional Pharisee. Most of what Yeshu teaches we find similarly in Mishnaic and Talmudic teachings of the day. If Christians only knew that their most sacred Christian teachings were actually Jewish/Talmudic teachings, they would develop a greater respect for Judaism, the religion that Yeshu himself practiced. Yeshu spoke of the Living Torah and how it is obligatory to follow it, violating the revelations of the Sages was considered a blasphemy of the holy spirit (ruah hakodesh), which Yeshu said would never be forgiven. Yeshu continues his plans to start a rebellion. We also discuss the ancient ideas that Yeshu concocted the crucifixion and resurrection myth to further his own political agenda. We discuss both legends and conspiracy theories. Is it possible that Yeshu was somehow related to Rabban Yohanan Ben Zakkai? Did Yeshu have a family? Was he married? According to Torah Law, he would be required to be so. Christian theology would demand it. More discussions about these ideas. Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

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