Secret of the Stature of Adam Before the Fall. Lesson 5


Secret of the Stature of Adam Before the Fall. Lesson 5

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Lesson 5 – The Three Levels of Adamic Souls after the Fall. Final class in this series. Certain Adamic souls split from Adam and never “ate from the forbidden tree.” These souls became the Metatrons, the higher selves, the spiritual guides. All other souls descended, these include the Keter souls, now at their nefesh levels, and the rest of the souls which fell into the domains of physical,emotional and mental darkness. The process of rectification is the psychological integration of all elements and aspects of multiple orientations of consciousness. This class also discusses the nature of reincarnation, which is the process of how souls achieve enlightenment (spiritual tikkun/evolution). Mention is also made of the end of the process, what we call the “coming of Mashiah,” and what it will be like for those souls that have made the efforts to achieve the reintegration back into the original Adamic collective.

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