Secret of the Stature of Adam Before the Fall. Lesson 4


Secret of the Stature of Adam Before the Fall. Lesson 4

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Lesson 4 - The Loss of Consciousness of the Keter Crown Souls. Metaphorically speaking, in collective Adam there are ten sefirot, five partzufim, and four worlds. Souls emanate from each domain. These are the origins of personality types. In Adam, only the Keter Crown souls remained connected, intact in consciousness, however the level of that consciousness was severely curtailed. Keter souls remained keter souls, but due to the entrapment in the Tree (the sin), could only radiate their light at the nefesh level of keter, and not at their proper yehidah level. This class continues the discussion of the development of personality types, why and how individuals are different from one another, and how this is a good thing. This class, like the others before it, strips away all the metaphors and symbolisms used in Kabbalistic literature, and explains matters in a clear and lucid psychological manner.

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