Secrets of the Teli (Dragon Angels)


Secrets of the Teli (Dragon Angels)

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Bahir 15, Sections 101-112. Secrets of the Teli. The secret identity of the Holy Servants of God in control of space, time and consciousness in a quantum universe. Their relationship to the Merkava, and Gavriel, Mikhael and Uriel. Their relationship to righteousness and the 36 righteous in each generation (the Lamed-Vav). The secret of the cosmic spiral where left and right turn and reverse, the secret of the Ouroboros. The secret of the Aaronic blessing, the three Names YHWH and the vowels to be used for its projection as a blessing. Secrets of projecting into the collective consciousness the powers of good and change, or evil and destruction, the warning of what goes around comes around. The secret Twelve Names of the Ascent through which one makes contact with the Teli and requests of them that which is to be requested. This class, along with classes 13 and 14 in the Bahir series form a triad which reveals secrets and meditative techniques that I have never previously discussed anywhere else on

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