9. Messianic Predictions 5


9. Messianic Predictions 5

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Topic: Messianic Predictions, Part 5. What signs show Mashiah is near. The universe, the earth and the entire human race are living, consciousness organisms. When ill, the body works to bring about healing. This is true of the body of our planet and the body of the human race. Mashiah will come because his coming is the healing of the body and the body is destined to be healed. We can either contribute to the healing or to the illness. Sight that Mashiah's coming is nigh is that the Land of Israel will be prosperous agriculturally. This has been fulfilled in our day. We have a choice to have Mashiah come like an angel out of Heaven, or as a lowly man riding a mule. The time of the healing will occur at its natural pace, but we have what it takes to speed it up (b'itah & ahisheyna). Famous story of R. Yehoshua talking with the Mashiah at the gates of Rome being told that Mashiah will come today, “if only we will listen to his voice.”

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