8. Messianic Predictions 4


8. Messianic Predictions 4

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Topic: Messianic Predictions, Part 4. The myth of the 36 righteous. What it means to be righteous. The secret of the Ascenders to the Merkava and the powers of mind over matter. Example used is the character of Neo in the closing scene of the movie THE MATRIX. Mind controls matter and it controls the minds of others. Seeing the Shekhina means transcending the limitation of space and time and by the power of mind/consciousness changing them. Difference between Keter and Hokhma consciousness, object-less thought verses fluid thought. Difference between those who gaze through the clear glass, and those who gaze through a clouded one. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and his son, and their powers of transformation. Modern psychic/occult warfare. Israel to be redeemed through repentance. Repentance is an evolutionary development, that comes about naturally either by choice or by force. Armilus and the end-times travails, comments of Rabbi Avraham Azulai.

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