5. Messianic Predictions 1


5. Messianic Predictions 1

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Topic: Messianic Predictions. What and who is the Messiah and what is he destined to accomplish. What are the signs of the times prior to Mashiah's coming. How we are to distinguish between the general and specific. The true harsh nature of living in a natural world living under natural law and why this means that a miraculous Messianic intervention in human history is not called for or excepted. The role of the development of modern technology and the reemergence of an Israeli state and an Israeli army as a possible fulfillment of the “blowing of the Shofar in year “6” and the wars in year “7”. What it means to have the “face of a dog;” the true nature of religious hypocrisy and the importance of distancing oneself from communities permeated by falsehoods and unrighteous behavior.

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