1. Honi, Part 1, The Circle Maker


1. Honi, Part 1, The Circle Maker

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Honi, the Circle Maker, Part 1. What is a circle made for? The Prophetic School connection between Honi and Habakkuk and Eliyahu. The circle is the traditional demarcation device used for prophecy and later “magic.” Honi may very well have been what we today call an Essene. Prophetic power, Merkava ascents and mind over matter manipulations. The nature of exile being a state of psychic inactivity (or retardation). The nature of “face to face” and “back to back” relationships between Heaven and Earth, how it is understood that Heaven is, “as if” asleep, until the redemption dawns. How much of the power of redemption is in the hands of the righteous, those whose know how to “draw the circle” and perform properly within it. More on Honi and his legacy in Part 2.

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