Academic Review of Post-Talmudic Jewish Messianism, Lesson 5


Academic Review of Post-Talmudic Jewish Messianism, Lesson 5

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This class discusses legends outlined in the midrash Pirkei Mashiah. It will also speaks about the world to come as described in the writings of Hai Gaon. Israel attacks Rome, and recaptures the lost Temple treasures. Persia fights with the Arabs. Israel and Ishmael battle it out over control of the Temple Mount. A full discussion of why legends should never be taken to be prophecy, and how in spite of similarities to current events, why legends should not be taken as road maps for the future. After Mashiah comes, the entire world is transformed, death is abolished, hostility ceases to exist, even in the animal kingdom. Human lifespans expand to thousands of years. Human anatomy is transformed. Human beings grow in stature to over 100 feet high. The Living Presence of God physically becomes manifest and transforms the dimensional fabric and space/time. All these legends describe the future. Are any of them literal, are any of them to be taken seriously? Hai Gaon would say yes. What say you?

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