Academic Review of Post-Talmudic Jewish Messianism, Lesson 15


Academic Review of Post-Talmudic Jewish Messianism, Lesson 15

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The Zoharic Scenario, Secrets of the True Redemption. The Power in our Hands! Reading from Zohar, Shemot 9. This reading from the Zohar reveals to us profound psychic and psychological lessons about the true nature of exile, and what we can practically do to contribute to its conclusion. The secret of the unity of the Names YHWH and ELOHIM, and what this means psychologically and psychically. This lesson talks about psychic powers and their developments and their scientific foundation. Reference is made to the TV science program Through the Wormhole, Season 2, the episode on the Sixth Sense (available on The Twelve Tribes, their exile, and their continuing connection to the essence of Torah within the garments of the world's religions and spiritual teachings. The importance of building bridges between communities as a means to quicken the Messianic era. Reference to the universal nature of spiritual reality as referred to in Tana D'vei Eliyahu. The exile of the Yod in Babylon. Reference to Yod consciousness and Hey consciousness and the differences between them and how each is to be used. The dual universes in which we live are two sides of the same coin, how important it is for us to reconnect our awareness to live in both simultaneously. This lesson contains an introduction into the Pillar of Fire Kabbalistic Qigong meditation and why it is so important. This section of Zohar is the foundation for many later teachings found in the lessons of the Ba'al Shem Tov, and others.

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