Amud HaTefilah, Lesson 2


Amud HaTefilah, Lesson 2

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Amud HaTefilah – the Column of Prayer. Teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov. Lesson 2 – The Power of Rational Clarity A discussion about “segulot” (spiritual formulas that claim to work miracles). Why these are not magic, and what is their real power psychologically. A discussion about faith, and how it too is not magic, but rather how faith motivates one from the unconscious to make different decisions, and choices, that can open the path to the outcome that one seeks. Prayer is not a mythical practice of politely speaking to an imagined deity somewhere over the rainbow. Prayer consciousness must include a clarity of thought of what it is exactly that one is doing when one prays. One must also have the emotional component of conviction that what one seeks is indeed proper and correct. Examples given of the Kabbalistic Siddur of the Rashash, what it means, and how it is realistically supposed to work. Those with mental clarity are compared to the Tree of Life, whereas those who see only what they want to see through the influence of clouded emotions are compared to the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil.

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