Amud HaTefilah, Lesson 1


Amud HaTefilah, Lesson 1

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Amud HaTefilah – the Column of Prayer. Teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov. Lesson 1 – The Body, Soul and Inner Divinity. An introduction as to why I offered this class when I did. Dream inspirations. Artistic, individualized interpretations of religious literature. The Hadisic method can be described as an impressionistic way of reinterpreting scripture and sacred writings to extract individualized ethical, and moral lessons. The difference between pshat and pesher. Prayer and speech in general consists on spoken words (body), emotional input (soul), and a deeper source from where it all springs for (the divine within). Understanding the nature of our own inner intensity, or lack of it, defines for us whether or not our words are “alive” and “enlivened.” Prayers as projections into the collective consciousness, as opposed to requests made to a distant, and misunderstood God. Example of prayers for healing. How psychic prayer works. The importance of the union of body, soul, and inner divinity within all things. Extended discussion about the obligations to follow professional medical directives.

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