Otzrot Hayim Lesson 1


Otzrot Hayim Lesson 1

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Lesson #1 The Gate of A.K. Adam Kadmon, Igulim & Yosher Now you can learn Kabbalah properly and progressively by having all 21 CD lessons at hand before you. These lessons cover the first FIVE Gates of the Otzrot Hayim and cover all the details from the original Tzimtzum, Adam Kadmon, TaNTA, the AHaF, the realm of the Akudim of the Mouth of AK, and light of the Eyes of AK, the formation of the realm of the Nikudim, the shattering of the primordial vessels and their initial repair. LESSONS 16 & 17 DISCUSS THE LIGHT OF THE "MAH HADASH" - THE RECTIFYER AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE FALLEN KINGS OF SAG INTO BEN. You will want to listen and learn these lessons over and over again. Lessons 18-21 are new and have not been previously released.

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