The Four Rivers of Eden Meditation Art


The Four Rivers of Eden Meditation Art

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This special piece of computerized amulet art is a rendition of the meditative forms, revealed from Heaven to the 15th century master Kabbalist, Hakham Yosef Taitzah.  These forms are considered so holy and special that today they are usually found etched into the sides of silver Kiddush cups and used by Kabbalists as contemplative devices as they make Kiddush.  However, most are unaware of the true nature of these permutations or how to use them. These names were originally designed to be meditated upon before sleep to request of Heaven a Sha'aylat Halom (Dream Question).  This piece of art contains the entire Permutation order of the rivers as outlined by Hakham Taitzah fully voweled for practical usage in this endeavor. This piece also includes Rabbi Taitzah's simple prayer at the beginning, which states,  "May it be You Will that these Names and by the power of these holy Names engraved in the gates of the Garden of Eden and the Permutations of the Name of the true G-d that I be shown a true dream and that I be answered with a true response with a clear scripture verse. Amen, Netzah, Selah, Va'ed."  This prayer/segulah is not available anywhere else in this format. It includes ONLY THE ORIGINAL HEBREW. There is no English at all.  Even for those who do not know the language the beauty of this piece will surely be a welcome addition to anyone library, home or office.  Printed in beautiful color on photo paper and is ready for framing.

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