Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 8


Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 8

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Lesson 8, The Angelic Hierarchy, Introduction into the Galactic Government. First, we discuss the age-old controversy, are angels all incorporeal, or are there those that are physical. We see from the text that their physicalness is definitely implied. These entities travel by some means of transportation device, herein called, “horses.” Angelic authorities form a strict hierarchy, each with their individual realm of authority and responsibility. Many angel names given herein are not found anywhere else, and may be words in a language that we humans cannot identify. Many angels names are codes, and others are titles, describing the entities field of responsibility. Then come the YHWH angels. These are above Aravot, and using the language of the later Kabbalah, reside in Olam HaBeriah. Above these stand the one angel, who is two. One over life, and the other over death. We conclude this lesson with deep secrets about the relationship between Metatron and Samael, bringing us an understanding about the Devil and evil as it is revealed through the Hekhalot and the Torah.

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