Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 12


Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 12

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We begin with a discussion about understanding natural law and how everything in the universe requires natural balance. We then review how existence operates under specific parameters and how conscious, sentient entities are part of the fabric of everything to ensure that the Supernal Mind is manifest properly in all its multiple parts. There are a chain of Watchers, from the highest in Aravot to the Teli here on Earth. We briefly discuss the history of the ancient, holy dragons, and the ones who broke from them in the fall. We discuss how all the individual nations of the world each have equal access to, and relationship with Heaven, each in their own way. How judgment of a soul actually occurs and why. Judgment, including mercy is part of natural law, and part of the operations of the great “machine” of creation. The Princes of YHWH are the members of the Heavenly Supreme Court, who are each called by the name of YHWH. They are part of the collective. We explain what a Throne is, what judgment is, and how it is a natural, ongoing process of alignment of all integral parts into the greater whole which is YHWH. Perspectives of the sefirot, internal or external, and why this is important.

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