Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 11


Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 11

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Chapter 26, Seraphiel, the Seraphim and the Satan The original purpose of Apocalypse. We open with an understanding of the poetic nature of angelic descriptions, and how the original Hebrew texts are used as chants to attempt a personal visual experience of the realities of the individual entities described. How experiential literature (prophetic/merkava), starting with Ezekiel and Daniel in the Bible, continued throughout the Temple period and into the Talmudic period, and where this genre of literature is today. The relationship of Beriatic angels to souls, souls to the Name YHWH, and how these both relate to Yetziratic entities. How there are human souls and “Israel” in every world, on every planet, regardless of dimension or galaxy. The Seraphim are the higher Teli, the Beriatic entities of fire. Their function is to burn the tablets of the Satan, written by Samael and Dubiel that recounts the sins of Israel. It is clear that Satan is not Samael. These three, Seraphiel, Samael and Dubiel correspond above the the triad below of Rome, Israel and Persia. These powers exist on our planet as part of the great Divine plan for the evolution of our world. This is discussed in some detail. Readings from the book Malakhei Elyon by Rabbi Reuben Margolis showing a relationship between Seraphiel and Adam. Readings from the book Shoreshei Shemot by Rabbi Moshe Zacuto showing a magical formula using the angel Seraphiel.

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