Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 13


Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 13

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2 Samuel 13 The Rape of Tamar. Amnon, crown prince of Israel is, frankly, a real bastard. He not only rapes his half-sister, he then treats her like a cheap whore. This infuriates Tamar's full brother Avshalom, who patiently plans revenge for his sister. In the end, Avshalom arranges for Amnon to be assassinated. Avshalom then flees to the protection of his maternal grandfather. This is a story about a violent assault, and total disregard for human dignity. No one comes out of this story unscathed. Peripheral to our discussion, we briefly review the Rabbinic laws of Yihud and Negiah, the prohibitions of private encounters with members of the opposite sex, and inappropriate physical contact. This lesson has much to teach us today with our modern epidemic of bankrupt morals.

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