Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 15b - 16


Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 15b - 16

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2 Samuel 15b-16 Avshalom's Coup d'etat. Avshalom's rise to power follows the very wise and thought-out plan. He first gains popular support, and then prepares for a popular uprising. David recognizes what is happening and instead of standing on principles, evacuated the capital in order to spare it from a bloody fight. David's actions show how he valued the continuity of government and nation over his own personal considerations. David's top advisor Ahitophel betrays him and joins the opposition. His advice will either make or break both Avshalom and himself. David's actions, and Avshalom's are clearly all in the public eye. Who will win the popular support, and thus win the government and the nation? This lesson is all about political power plays, past and present. The lessons herein about politics and political/social psychology are universal and eternal.

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