Book of First Kings, Chapter 6 - 7a


Book of First Kings, Chapter 6 - 7a

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I Kings 5 – Chapter 6 – 7a. Secrets of Solomon's Temple. One of the great wonders of the ancient world, a building with more questions than answers. The secrets of Solomon's Temple are many, none of which can be answered with the limited amount of information provided for us from the Bible and later Torah literature. Was the Temple an enormous energy transformer that transmitted the “glory” energy from the Ark out into the world at large. Was Mt. Moriah an ancient energy vortex point. What was the purpose for all the secret chambers built around the Holy of Holies? What was the actual image of the Cherubim. Why the 240 ft. tower at the entrance, with the 40 ft copper pillars at each side? Where did the plans for the Temple come from? Were they not as detailed and precise as was the Tabernacle? Were not both Divinely ordained. These are the issues discussed in this class.

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