Legends of Ancient Days


Legends of Ancient Days

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Was Adam after Eden really a giant 100 feet tall? Did the sons of Kayin (Cain) really inhabit the jungles of Central America and the Amazon? What really happened when angels walked among men and took human wives? Was the pre-flood generation really more technologically advanced than we are today? The Torah teach that Noah landed his Ark on Mt. Ararat, is it possible that he build his Ark and launched it from Atlantis?? Was the Tower of Babel really built using nuclear energy? Was it destroyed by a nuclear explosion? All of these questions and more are answered in this lecture, quoting ONLY authoritative Torah sources (midrashim) to enlighten us as the realities of an ancient world long gone. Or is it really gone? This lecture also discusses the aspects of the ancient world that are still among us today and how they might very well be directing the present course of human events

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