Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 10


Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot), Lesson 10

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Lesson 10 Secrets of Keruviel YHWH, and the Cherubim Chapter 22, Mission of the Cherubim, Crossing the Bridges of Fire. We open with a review of the difference between theoretical religious knowledge and direct spiritual experience. Hebrew Enoch is a book written in code that describes actual, direct experiences with higher realities. We discuss the differences between astral projection (haluka d'rabbanan), and seeing higher worlds in expanded consciousness. We discuss Keruviel YHWH as a Beriatic being, and then proceed to describe and identify Cherubim from the Merkava vision of Ezekiel, chapters 1 and 10. Keruviel YHWH as a Beriatic being is a Neshama, not a Malakh. As such he is one of “Israel” above. What “Israel” above is discussed and how it differs from Israel below. Cosmic Torah are the laws of nature. Torah on Earth (halakha/the commandments) are how human souls align themselves with the cosmic polarities. The Cherubim are the entities which, as part of the Merkava, serve as the conduit transferring Divine energy and directives from above to below. This is why their form is on the Ark of the Covenant, and why it is specifically a Cherub, with a sword of fire, that guards the way to the Garden of Eden. We briefly discuss the Inner Earth Temple, and how the Ark is there being serviced by modern-day Zadokite priests. We conclude with a discussion of the bridges of fire, and how they are the pathways of psychic/astral ascent, and how each of us, individually, is destined and required to walk this path, no matter how long it takes for us to do so.

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