Yom Kippur


Yom Kippur

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Readings from the Torah commentaries of Rabbeynu Bahya and R' Menahem Tziyuni. Yom Kippur exist both in the mind, and in space/time. One has to believe in its atonement powers for the atonement to occur (Shulkhan Arukh in the name of Maimonides). An explanation of psychology and energy as to why, and how, this is so. The Seder Avodah of the Yom Kippur prayer service, the center of the day's prayers. It is possible, according to Machzor Vitri, that this central Jewish prayer was written by none other than the Apostle Paul, famous in the Christian faith. The goat to Azazel. Who, or what is Azazel? Readings from the Pirkei D'Rebbe Eliezer that describes this entity. Azazel is the klipah of the planet, in both a positive and negative way. The energetic reality of the goat ritual, as outlined in Leviticus 16. There is certainly no offering, of anything, to any other force, other than to God, Himself. Azazel is God's servant (Job 1), not God's enemy or opposition. Azazel/Satan is involved in this ritual by God's command to assist in the psychological, and actual, removal of negative mental and emotional energies from the nation, and then to have that negative energy safely dissipated and neutralized. A minor discussion about shedim, jinnin, demons, and aliens. Actual instructions to direct us how we can and should remove negative energy from ourselves, and what we can do to contribute to the dispensing of positive energy throughout the world.

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