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Amulet Art - Shivitis

I place God before me, always. Psalm 16:8. Traditional Kabbalistic prayers, meditations, and "amulets" set as works of art in JPG format. Designed for home printing, and framing. These are not actual amulets, nor do any contain any kind of magical powers. They are for artistic purposes only.

BIBLE: Daniel, Mysteries Explained

The secret workings of spiritual agents behind the scenes of every physical phenomenon

BIBLE: Exodus Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments As Understood from the Sefer HaZohar.

BIBLE: Genesis Creation Teachings

Understanding Biblical Teachings in Light of Modern Science & Ancient Mysticism

BIBLE: Genesis from Creation Through Nimrod

Secrets of Genesis Revealed Like Never Before, All from Classical Torah Sources.

BIBLE: Genesis: Avraham Avinu (Abraham)

The Life and Teachings of Avrham Avinu (the Patriarch Abraham). Role Model of the Mystic Scholar Warrior.

BIBLE: Genesis: Occult Wars of Ya'akov & Lavan

Torah/Kabbalah revelations from the Book of Genesis.

BIBLE: Isaiah - Redemption Prophecies

Ancient Prophecies with Profound Modern Relevance

BIBLE: Jeremiah

The Biblical book explaining the words of the living prophecies.

BIBLE: Kings 1

The Biblical Books of Kings 1 & 2

BIBLE: Kings 1 - Elijah (Eliyahu), the True Story

The Biblical account of Elijah the prophet. An outline of prophetic practices and techniques, the parameters of prophetic authority and the relationship to living in a real world with real problems.

BIBLE: Kohelet (Ecclesiastes)

The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes explained according to the Kabbalah.

BIBLE: Proverbs

The Biblical book of Proverbs made relevant.

BIBLE: Samuel 1

The Lives of Samuel, Saul and King David.

BIBLE: Weekly Torah Portion

The Weekly Parsha from Sephardi and Hasidi Sources according to Derush and Kabbalah

BIBLE: Zekharia - End Times/Messianic Prophecies

Readings from the Biblical book. Secrets of the Exile and Redemption.


Automatically Download Reading Materials

ENOCH: Book of 3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot)

Secrets of practical descent before the Merkava

ENOCH: Book of Enoch (Sefer Hanokh Alef)

For the first time this ancient text is reviewed by an Orthodox Rabbi in light of Torah Judaism.

JUDAISM: 101- Torah Foundations

This is where KosherTorah begins. Torah/Kabbalah Basics

JUDAISM: 102 - The 13 Principles of Torah Faith

RaMBaM's "Pledge of Allegiance" for the Torah

JUDAISM: An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the Christian Bible

Torah insights into the possible original Jewish teachings of Yeshu and his followers.

JUDAISM: Angels, Their Secrets & Their Ways

The first time in English, Hilkhot Malakhim from the ancient Sage Rabbi Eliezer of Worms, author of the Book of the Angel Raziel

JUDAISM: Ba'al Shem Tov, Amud HaTefilah

The Column of Prayer from Sefer Ba'al Shem Tov

JUDAISM: Ba'al Shem Tov, Tza'va'at HaRivash

Hasidic Teachings, Spirituality in Practice

JUDAISM: Duties of the Heart

The classical ten-step path to God.

JUDAISM: Gaon of Vilna

Sefer Even Sh'lemah - practical lessons to make our lives better, and we the best that we can be!

JUDAISM: General Topics (Open Forums)

Rabbi Bar Tzadok's KosherTorah "TV" Open Forums now in audio MP3 format. Special Reduced Price!

JUDAISM: Guardians of the Universe (Watchers/Teli)

Three special classes that outline the mechanics of space, time and consciousness, and who are the Angelic guardians behind them all.

JUDAISM: Holidays

In-depth insights into the annual cycle, with meditation instructions.

JUDAISM: Israel & Humanity

Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh's quest for univeral Torah

JUDAISM: Laws of the Occult

Code of Jewish Law, Shulkhan Arukh, Yoreh Deah, 179

JUDAISM: Legends of the Talmud, Ayn Yaakov

How to Live a Godly Life: Mystical Legends, History & Ethics of the Talmud,

JUDAISM: Passover in the Kabbalah

Pesah as understood in the Kabbalistic Tradition, audio lessons, with accompanying Hebrew text originals in PDF format.

JUDAISM: Pirkei Avot - Sayings of the Fathers

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

JUDAISM: Post-Talmudic Jewish Messianism

A look at messianic legends, and their origins.

JUDAISM: Spiritual Retreat (Mental Isolation)

Guide to Serving God, Chapter 13

KABBALAH: Angelic Teachings - Magid Mesharim

The Angelic Revelations of Rabbi Yosef Karo, author of the Shulkhan Arukh.

KABBALAH: Angels & Demons

Ancient Realities, Modern Manifestations, All Scary Stuff

KABBALAH: Ari'zal, Etz Hayim

Sefer Etz Hayim with commentary Beit Lekhem Yehuda

KABBALAH: Ari'zal, The Eight Gates

The Teachings of Rabbis Isaac Luria and Hayim Vital

KABBALAH: Arizal, Otzrot Hayim

The Introductory Text to the Kabbalah of the Ari'zal.


In-depth lessons in the classical text.


Kabbalistic Teachings of the Sephardic Master Kabbalist of Old Baghdad, Hakham Yosef Hayim

KABBALAH: Classical Kabbalah - The Original Pre-Ari'zal Teachings

Classical Kabbalah, a full course, from a great ancient Hebrew text (written in 1559), is now available in English.  Our text book is entitled, Ohel Mo’ed (The Tabernacle of Meeting) by Rabbi Yosef Menahem of Egypt. This course is a comprehensive overview of spiritual topics written for everyday people, explaining all the deeply symbolic language of the Kabbalah in a practical, easy to understand format.  In seventy short chapters the author is able to present the teachings of the secrets of Torah in a profound, yet simple manner.

KABBALAH: Gateway to Kabbalah

An excellent, brief introduction into the Pre-Zoharic Ten Sefirot, with emphasis on practice, not theory.

KABBALAH: Hayim Vital, Book of Visions

R. Hayim's Kabbalistic Autobiography

KABBALAH: Kabbalah 101 - The P'tah Eliyahu

The Prayer of the Prophet Elijah from the Tikunei Zohar. Step #1 in Learning Kabbalah.

KABBALAH: Magical Kabbalah

The Awesome Story of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina

KABBALAH: Metatron, Secrets of the Archangel

A special series of lessons from the most ancient of sources revealing the teachings of Enoch/Metatron. Readings from the Book Sodei Razaya of Rabbi Eliezer of Germiza.

KABBALAH: Sefer Hokhmat HaEmet

A small work written by an unknown Moroccan Kabbalist that explains the Original Kabbalah, including the usage of Shemot Kodashim.

KABBALAH: Shemot Kodashim (Holy Names)

A Comprehensive Course covering the major holy Names of God, including the 72, 42 7 22 letter Names, and more.

KABBALAH: Torah Legends & Mysteries

Four lessons that discuss some of the most frightening and bizarre realities revealed in Torah.

MEDITATION 100 - Revealing the "Secret" of Y-H-W-H

Revealing the "Secret." The Actual, Correct Way to Pronounce and Use the Name Y-H-W-H

MEDITATION 101A - Torah Basics

The Meanings and Usages of the Name YHVH

MEDITATION 102 - Kabbalisitc Merkava

A Practical "How-To-Do-It" Lesson

MEDITATION 103 - Daily Kavanot

A collection of classical Kavanot meditations for daily use.

MEDITATION 104 - Magidim - Spiritual Guides

A 4 Hour Course of Practical Instruction How to Receive and Recognize Your Own

MEDITATION 105 - Sha'arei Kedusha - the Gates of Holiness

Practical Meditative Instructions for the Expansion of Consciousness from the teachings of Rabbi Hayim Vital.

MEDITATION 106 - The 72 Names of G-d

Shaarei Kedusha Series, Lessons 16 & 17. A two-part course that explains the actual practices, usages and dangers of the 72 triads.

MEDITATION 107 - The Sefer Yetzirah

Now the complete text of the Sefer Yetzirah is covered in full practical details. The famous guide to meditative excellence, the Sefer Yetzirah is its present form is said to have been penned by Rabbi Akiva, whereas the original teachings of the book are said to date back to Avraham Avinu himself. Our class uses the Hebrew commentary of Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (Tzfat 1560s) and is translated, commented upon and expanded upon. The course material also takes us into a number of other works including the teachings of Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, the master of the prophetic Kabbalah. This short book of six chapters holds the key and the path to the proper procedures for expanding human consciousness and for clarity in experiencing the spiritual realities of the dimensions of the sefirot. While most commentaries on the Sefer Yetzirah follow a more philosophical approach, this course is a hands-on practical “how-to” manual that opens up the book and exposes its secret codes and the many wonders that await the one who travels its path to the stars and beyond. This course teaches one how to actually use the text and includes involved and advanced step-by-step instructions. We even discuss the practical (however theoretical) procedure for creating Golems. There is no other course like this one available anywhere. This course consists of 40 1-hour lessons, and they are now available class by class.